Sunday, June 19, 2011

I caught Super 8 today


Doesn’t the poster remind you somewhat of E.T.? It even has the same plot. Kids find alien, eventually help alien go home.

Prepubescent love interest included, an older sibling who lands a reluctant hand to help and a government bent on destroying the alien.

While of course, like most of Spielburg’s movies, this one was great, it lacked.. originality. It had a winning formula that’s been resued too many times. Hollywood really needs better scripts and stories!

The difference between E.T. and Super 8 is that Super 8 is probably a lot more bloody. E.T. doesn’t eat people for one.

I didn’t have many bones to pick with the film. But I only have this one complaint.. and it’s DYING to be complained about.


What the hell was going on?! Did J. J. Abrams forget he put lens flare in the previous scene? There were 37 scenes practically DRENCHED in lens flares.

Check it out:

How, in this scene that takes place DARK DARK at night, with NO lights, did the lens flare occur. In what crazy ass storyline does this lense flare need to happen?! This is ridiculous.

I’m leaving you with a parting note:

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