Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review: Zott's True Alps

Let's just dive straight into it shall we?

It was my lovely mum's birthday, so I wanted to bring her somewhere special, Zott's True Alps caught my eye because I've never heard of anywhere else with Alpine-inspired food. Totally worth the $140+ spent on lunch for three people. Especially the service!

The restaurant was tucked away along Amoy Street, the entrance was narrow, and if I hadn't spotted the host standing at the door I might have just walked right past it.

Like all shophouse restaurants, The interior was narrow and long, but cosy, with an alcove for a group seating made of raw wood, with a hanging display of cutlery and branches hybrids decorating the alcove wall. Red brick walls were lined with art, all for sale and all protected by thick glass walls, at the end of the shophouse, was an open concept kitchen with a huge bulls head in centre of the room.  

(I wish I had pictures! I kinda deleted them all :/ hahaha needed space in my phone lah.) - These are from the website itself.

We were shown to our seats in the near empty restaurant, napkins fluffed for us and given menus, large, hard cover books with beautiful illustrations inside that not only pointed out where the food was from, but also had mini stories about the food.

It was a pretty gruesome story about the animals eating the hunter or something along that line.
We ordered one starter and three main dishes:

All quality restaurants need to start with bread right? They started with bread, topped with radish and spring onions and condiments of salt and cherry tomatoes which were so good, even Mr Skeptical had some, and he hates tomatoes.

We had two starters, the first of which was a pan-fried foie gras served with foie gras and pineapple ice cream and brioche. By far one of the best dishes I've ever had. I'm a sucker for foie gras. 

Then there was a delicate cuboid of beef knee cap. I don't know if it was real knee cap but it was beefy. In a soft way. This dish was alright. It definitely wasn't a standout but was not bad as a starter, light and easy to enjoy.

Then our mains arrived and it was magical.

This was a battered pan-fried veal with potato foam surrounded by the very recognisable radish. I think the radish is like their favourite garnish.. Pretty colours with not much flavour. But the veal and potato foam was amazing! The veal was soft and tender, falling apart in our mouths. The batter was crispy and salty and went perfectly with the mild taste of the potato foam. Really a mind boggling delicious dish.

Boyfriend has beef goulash. Which, even though doesn't look well plated, - I mean how else to lump all this deliciousness together right? - was my favourite dish of the night. It was thick and rich, a hearty stew of sorts. So good. I don't know why he was complaining, it was heavenly! The portion was big too. Oh, he wanted my bondage chicken I think.

I went for the bondage chicken, something I read about online and was curious to try. So disappointing. Yes, it was good, but not fantastic. The smallish chicken was tender and juicy (check out the juice running down its side) and shoved on a pike at the corner of a wooden board, it was just that right amount of cheeky. But the meat was rather.. Bland.. Maybe my expectations were too high. It was paired with a truffle mayonnaise sauce that was more mayo and less truffle. Meh. 

The real standout of the afternoon was really the service. 

Halfway during lunch I wished my mum happy birthday and I think the staff heard it cause for dessert they brought out a tart and a Polaroid camera. I saw them inching their way towards us and I thought Abel had gone ahead to tell them it was my mum's birthday, apparently not! They overheard me wishing her happy birthday and wanted to surprise her.

I wish we took a picture of the nutty tart, but it kinda disappeared before I could whip out my camera. My mum was very excited and happy. Thank you Zott's team! Such a great surprise and wonderful service.

They had us sign a guest book and gave us a commemorative card with the Polaroid attached. Cute right.
The decor was all cow bells and bronze. Very Heidi. 

Cow tap in the bathroom. Actually looks like a panther or something.
You should check them out. Amazing.

97 Amoy Street

Mon to Fri 11am to 2:30pm
Mon to Sat 6pm to 11pm

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