Sunday, June 8, 2014

Take a taxi... For free!

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Boy do I have the best lobang ever. 

Thanks to James, my pal from my secondary school, I'm taking a cab to work for freeee! 

Being vain on the way to work.
Okay, no seriously. There's this app called GrabTaxi.

And they're having a new promotion for new users. 

Download and register on their app today and you get $15 off your cab ride! Don't say I never tell you ah.. Good things must share. 

The app is really cool actually, way better than the old taxi app I was using, no names mentioned, comfort *cough cough* comfort. 

You get to see what cabs are available around your area, and you get to pick the type of cab you want. 

I don't know why I can never flag a cab in punggol. It is always so difficult and every cab is always occupied. But  according to GrabTaxi there are 36 available... Real or not?! 

So anyway, after you register your number, input your location and destination, they give you an estimate of the price to expect. 

Then you see the very important field there? PROMO CODE remember it.

Key in this code: GRABTAXIRIDE 

There will be a tick to confirm that your code is valid. 

Then you're off! A cab will pick you up and you can even follow its location.

You can comment on the driver, call the driver, stalk the driver (till he picks you up!) Now the question is why haven't I heard of GrabTaxi before.

Good thing though, because this promo comes with a few catches. 

1) You have to be a new user. If you've successfully booked a cab with them before, you can't make use of this promo.

2) It's only valid for 9000 people.

3) No cash refund will be made if your cab fare is below $15.

4) Only available for one day. TODAY! 9 June 2014 12am to 11:59PM

So better start booking quick. 

Then you can be like me. Only pay $6.00 for a cab from Punggol to Aljunied. At peak hours. Passing through two ERP gantries. 

Shiok man. 

I even had time to put on makeup and play SIMcity.

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