Saturday, June 7, 2014

What's there to do up North?


I've been living in the East my whole life so I've never understood the North. It was full of monstrously tall buildings, industrial parks, jams to the causeway, Causeway Point and Singapore Sports School.

But my eyes were opened on Saturday.

After whinging to Mr Skeptical that there was absolutely NOTHING new to do in Singapore anymore, he hijacked the car and said, "today we will go somewhere new." 

We went to Chong Pang. 

Apparently there's a magical food centre in Yishun that has amazing food to die for. I just never heard of it before. But Mr Skeptical had, he was just pretty worried we wouldn't find it. 

But we did! And these were the fruits of our labour, literally:

I'm not kidding that is a bloody huge Jackfruit the size of those Peranakan ceramic stools. The guy was just hacking pieces out so as dessert we bought 500g from him. (Not as much as you would think though. It was about 7 pieces of Jackfruit.

But before that we stuffed ourselves with food from the food centre. We targeted those with a long queue:

Hands down one of the best boneless Duck rice dishes I've ever had. The chicken was tender, veggies crisp, braised peanuts soft, but too little lah. And Mr Skeptical said the egg and tofu were delicious. I don't eat either. :/ it cost $3.50

This delicately made Chee Chong Fun was made of pillowy clouds of Kway teow wrapped around succulent pieces of Char Siew, topped with crisp, fried onions and this salty, sometimes sweet sauce. It was an amazing culmulation of flavours in a simple dish. Dare I say.. Better than 126 or Swee Choon. *gasp* and I freaking love Swee Choon. This large dish (it really was large) was $2!!! Paired with the sambal it was a dream to enjoy. 

This economy Nasi Lemak averaged between $2.50 to $4 depending on what you ordered. Because Mr Skeptical and I were sharing, I asked for two chicken wings and they gave it to us. Really right, I feel Nasi Lemak is one of Singapore's food breakfast cornerstones. It's Nasi Lemak, Roti Prata, Kaya Toast and Otak. *drools* this dish was good. Sambal just the right amount of sweet and spicy. But the egg was disappointing, peanuts overwhelmed the Ikan Bilis and the rest tasted quite good, but resembled many other Nasi Lemak stores. Yet somehow it was still super popular, this guy walked up to me and if I could point him to wear I bought the dish. I pointed. He bought. Sharing is caring guys. 

Chong Pang Food Centre was deliciously delightful. Mr Skeptical made a good choice bringing us there. 

Happy! And super full.

So after lunch we had time to kill so I said, since we had passed it along the way, let's go to bottle tree park! 

I felt so CHEATED. Bottle Tree park had NO bottle freaking trees! Except pictures of the trees they once had.

According to the website, we're supposed to "Relax - kampung style - at Bottle Tree Park and enjoy Australian flora like Grasstrees and Bottle Trees and bask in the company of your friends, family and colleague with the numerous activities available." But there were no Australian flora. 

Very tropical lei. Not very Aussie.

But it really was very kampung! Long kang fish catch was available, fishing in the murky waters was available for $5 per hour... It was like a scene out of the 90s.

There were quite a number of people trying to fish in this large pond!

Apparently Community Centres come here for day trips. A whole bunch of people sitting at this prawning pond were simply waiting for a catch that never came. The all had orange stickers on their T-shirts.

This was a shallow pool for kids to catch fish. No adults allowed.

Some kid stomping the fishies home.
The orange speckles are tiny long kang fish for kids to catch and bring home in provided tanks to rear. To be honest. I thought it was pretty cruel to the poor fishes cause there's no limit as to how many fishes you can put into a tank. And I saw this Auntie shove 30 plus into a little carrier and the poor fish had nowhere to swim! Heartbreaking! 

Being super kaypo I went to tell the uncle at the counter that people were doing that and he said, "no choice. Scold them they also don't care." Sad. :(

But either way, it was an eye-opener! No flora spotted, but plenty of homosapians crowded around ponds. Heh.

Lonely Dino


  1. We are going.. to everything..plan a day. Ill be back 30th June until 21st July ;)
    - J.Kyndrede

  2. Can't wait to see you!! Definitely planning a day out for us!


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