Thursday, September 18, 2014

Your wedding checklist: the anti-typical Singaporean wedding

Getting married is a pain in the butt.

I never realised how many ga-bazillion things there were to do if you want to have a  wedding. I know, the PC thing to do is now to just get it over and done with and not to proclaim how much you want a big fancy wedding, but I do!

As beautiful as this one!

I want my wedding to be a damn fun party where everyone who comes really enjoys it and take pictures and 10 years down the road think, omg that was the best wedding ever. And I especially want it to be a day where both Abel and I can look back and think, wow, how the hell did we pull that off.

Before I say anything else, I want to address the typical Singaporean wedding

A few friends have gotten married and plenty of them have been giving me advice, "Manda, you must make sure you get your si dian jing." 

"Manda, make you invite this ah mao, ah gou for your wedding if not your parents sure unhappy."

"Manda, have you bought your gold?"

"Manda, all brides always buy their bridesmaids dresses."

"Manda, you cannot have paper flowers! It's bad luck!"
"Manda, you will confirm have to sleep very early cause you have to get up at 4am to comb your hair."


No. I want to sleep in thanks.

Here's the thing, I'm really grateful for all this ideas, and I'm especially grateful for the information on how traditional weddings are done, but I'm not traditional. Initially I wanted a 50 people lunch and then fly off for my honeymoon, but I don't think I can do that anymore. So I'm trying my hardest to balance both what I want and what society dictates I must have. But there are something things that are usually done that I just won't do. 

And honest to God, I don't think there's anything wrong with straying down the unbeaten path for something that would be more memorable.

1) We're opting for e-cards and only a few wedding invitations. Think of the trees we're saving! Besides, I know y'all will throw them away so what's the point?
2) No Chinese dinner. We want the wedding to be as interactive as possible, so we'll have a customised buffet for people to mix and mingle. Each table will also have a different theme so you'll have to bounce around to take photos with cool props!
3) The matrimony is going to be a bigger affair than the dinner. We want it full of laughter, musical performances from friends (cause our friends are all so talented!) and we want it in the afternoon with beautiful sunlight for photo-taking. Candy trees for favours and crazy things like that.
4) Bridesmaids, I'm sorry darlings, I'm not buying you any gowns, I'm giving you jewellery instead. I rather customise a bracelet/ necklace than force you to own a dress you'll never wear again.
5) I won't have a wedding ring. My engagement ring is absolutely gorgeous, Abel can give that to me again. I'll get him a separate wedding ring (not like he'll wear it often anyway).
6) I love the traditional wedding vows, but we want to write our own.
7) We're gonna sing. A lot. It'll be like teo heng times a million.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Will keep you lot posted as time goes by. You can follow my pinterest boards here for inspiration:

Meanwhile, here's a simple checklist to get you going. Here you go darlings: 

Amanda's meticulously planned but not very detailed wedding checklist (screw all the other templates you find online, they are so bloody difficult to use.) This is one that you can build up and customise on your own.

- Matrimony venue
- Dinner venue
- Where to stay after you get married (honeymoon/ straight to the in-laws?)

- Photography/ Videography
- Wedding vows
- Wedding gown
- Suit
- Wedding ring
- Registered for ROM (three months in advance guys!)
- Guest list
- Car
- Register with your church (if you have one.)
- Invitations
- Bouquet
- Hong baos for the entire clan helping you out
- Hair and make-up
- Budget
- Schedule
- Lunch caterer
- Transport

- Solemniser/ Pastor
- Coordinator (Thankfully mine is army-trained HAHAHA.)
- Bridesmaids
- Groomsmen
- MC
- Wedding performers
- Decor team

- Tea ceremony location
- Tea ceremony guestlist
- Tea ceremony gown
- Tea ceremony cups and teapot
- Tea ceremony cushion to ensure your legs don't give way (please do plenty of squats to limber up)
- Dowry (Discussed when the parents first meet. Please manage expectations of both sides.)
- Parents meeting each other for the first time

Fun time must have extras
- Photobooth/ photo wall
- Matrimony favours (fun people stuff)
- Dinner favours (family and old people stuff)
- Matrimony decor
- Dinner decor (usually covered by hotel/ location you're having dinner at)
- Bridal party gifts and gifts for in-laws
- Pampering yourself to look hot
- Bachelor and bachelorette parties (stripper, check!)
- Music
- Wedding logo/hashtag etc

If you've completed most of these things, you're pretty much set for the wedding.

Well, I guess that's it for now folks. 

Check in if you want updates for the big day that's happening in a year and a half!


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