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12 Christmas gifts from local online stores that won't make you look like a douche during gift exchange

You know what's shitty? Giving someone Body Shop pre-wrapped gifts or a $2 mug from Daiso. I am loathe to say that I am guilty of giving Body Shop and mugs (more expensive mugs lah!). But that's super boring right. I mean, who the hell wants a mug? I prefer a very generic Starbucks voucher good for one and a half cups of coffee. Or cash, cause who doesn't love cash right?

But in the spirit of giving, that is Christmas, we should take a little more time and put effort into picking gifts for the gift exchange. Here are some awesome things you could get that will BLOW THE MINDS OF YOUR BUDDIES. I picked items that are are cool enough to be gifts but impractical enough that you won't buy them yourself yet useful enough to be used. I know. Don't need to thank me. I have a lot of free time. I'm a genius.


Speculoos Cookie Butter from Naiise.com
From Naiise
Price: $14
This is the younger, more unhealthy and way more addictive version of Nutella. The Speculoos Cookie Butter from Poppy & Co comes in creamy and crunchy. Personally, I love the crunchy one cause it has little bits of Famous-Amos-like cookies inside. You can, no you SHOULD eat it with just a spoon, or plain vanilla ice cream cause that's the way to get the joy from this delicious butter. Ship it to yourself and your friends this Christmas!

Naiise, with their lovely pop-up stores all over Singapore, has a ton of quirky items for the inner hipster. I really love the things there, but I... I just wouldn't know what to do with them!

Temporary tattoos from DottingHill.com

Price: From $3 - $10
This is perfect for all those people who claim to be waiting for the right tattoo design but is just too pussy about the pain (like me. I'm a wuss.) These pretty looking temporary tattoos are awesome. They have a huge range of designs from the colourful kiddish ones, to the popular ones like barcodes, birds, feathers, infinity symbols, butterflies, roses and tribal designs to cute ones like popsicles, totoro inspired ones and plenty of sea creatures. You can even vote for your favourite designs. Get a pack for your friends so that they can all share. They come beautifully packaged too so no need for gift wrapping. Anyways come on, why stick to just one when you can have plenty! Like a buttload.

La Riche Directions Hair Stain - Qoo10.com.sg

Price: $9 per bottle
For that teen friend who's into coloured hair. I am. Remember kids, it's much cheaper to buy your own hair colour then to get it straight from the salon! You can bring your hair dye to your salon and get them to dye it for you! So you're just paying for the labour, much cheaper. La Riche and Manic Panic are really the same thing, they're both hair stains - NOT DYES - so they last for a few weeks before fading. To make the colour stand out, you definitely need to bleach your hair. So get this for a friend who's planning to and willing to bleach their hair for neon hair! It won't come up on dark hair. One bottle is good for a whole head of medium length hair.

Assorted Animal Rings from StrangelyYours.com
From Strangely Yours
Price: $7 each
Don't know what to get that girl in the office you're not really close to? Does she dress like a blogshop girl? Is her favourite store Love Bonito? Get her some quirky animal rings. Cause that totally goes with their cookie cutter outfits. You might just find the quirky animal rings on their Instagram post to help boost their rising popularity! *excited squealing*

Kracie Popin Cookin from Japanese DIY Kits
From Japanese DIY Kits
Price: $6.90 and up
You know why these make the perfect gift? Because secretly, everybody wants to try them out and play with these real-life play-doh/masak masak things but they're just not willing to spend the money. Cause which teen/ early 20s person in their right mind would get something as juvenile as this right?

So do your friends/colleagues a favour, give them the gift of nonsensical rubbish so that they can finally get the satisfaction of playing with their food. Here's a video to tempt you, there's like a whole series by this bloke called RRCherryPie. It's amazing cause he/she TAKES IT SO SERIOUSLY.


T-Shirt Folder from Naiise.com
From Naiise

Price: $35.90
This is completely useless, cause hello, who can't fold a shirt right? But this saves you so much time! Really, this is the key behind this whole blog post, get something someone would never buy for themselves, but would be interested in having!

Ostrich Pillow from Lazada
from Lazada
Price: $41
Don't bluff. This looks damn comfortable right. You also want right? I also want. I had the pleasure of actually feeling one once and it was so soft and cool, I would gladly stick my head in this pillow. See, this is the epitome of things you never know you needed but won't be able to live without once you have it.

On This Day Calender from Jooix.com
From Jooix
Price: $47.25
Each coloured cube represents a day and the black smudge is actually a little diamond of trivia hidden under heat-reactive print! So just press and hold your thumb over the black spot to reveal a bit of historical trivia! Damn boh liao but super fun to play.

Jooix sells all kinds of great stuff, from fashion to jewellery to homeware too. Definitely a must to check out. Prices are a little steep though.

Smartphone projector from HipVan.com
From  HipVan
Price: $39.90
How can you NOT want to give this to someone? Think of how useful it would be! Done with dinner, wanna make out in the car? WATCH A MOVIE TO GET THE MOOD GOING. Have a room full of bored people? WHIP THIS BABY OUT. Kid can't stop crying at dinner? WHIP THIS BABY OUT. Having a little party in the hotel but the TV's HDMI cable doesn't work? WHIP THIS BABY OUT. Wanna show a youtube video to a lot of people but your screen is too small? WHIP THIS BABY OUT. #winning.

Watermelon Cushions from WonderFolks.com
From WonderFolks

Price: $35
Come on, these pillows are adorable. Admitttt ittt.. I'd  like to get two of the halved ones to make a huge round slice or eight of the little wedges to form a full circle. Cute right! I bought their burger cushion at Public Garden. It has made me very happy. Especially since I snagged the last piece. hahahaha.


3Doodler Pen from HipVan.com
from HipVan.com

Price: $136
You can find out more about the 3Doodler pen here, but just know it's awesome, cause it works like a hot glue gun but rather than glue that flops into a puddle, the plastic cartridges hardens quickly which means you can draw upwards. It gives life to 3D sculptures that you DRAW. Your friend/kid/man-child can create cups, dinosaurs etc, that will probably end up decorating whatever table space you might have. Also, the refills aren't expensive either so it's just ton of good fun. Anyway I rather my kid draw than stare glassy eyed at an episode of Pororo on an iPad. You can also get it at Lazada.

TinyFinder 4 - Lazada
From Lazada
Price: $87
Have a friend who keeps losing shit? Get everyone to chip into buy these babies. They come in sets of 4. The tiny round things can be stuck or hung onto your keys, dog or kid. When you lose it, use the app on any phone to connect to the tinyfinders via bluetooth and you'll find your lost child in no time! So ingenious and quite cheap too! I mean... $87 divided by four... Not bad right?

Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag - GetDoob.com
Price: $329
Damn pricy right? But if you love somebody you get them a damn bear bean bag. It's hand-knitted for that fabric bear texture and is really big too. Perfect for that lazy boyfriend. I know mine wants a bean bag chair. hahaha. Anyway this massive bear is so adorable, who won't wanna sleep curled up next to a soft, friendly bear?

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