Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I stumbled upon something magical on the interwebs. It was Phrosties. (Thanks Buzzfeed)


Labelled the most illegal drink in New York City, I have decided that I, a hipster wannabe, want it too.

According to internet lore, this magical drink was sold exclusively on a private instagram account, Phrosties a stunning, very addictive concoction of sugar, alcohol and ice, the colourful frozen treat was hand-delivered to your doorstep in an unmarked, clear water bottle that brandished its wares through the sides. They came in flavours of Blue Hawaiian, Dragonberry Colada, La Phiesta, and Hero and retailed at $10 a bottle.

"The sugar high resulted in childlike behavior and destructive tendencies, and was hard to stomach for some. Thankfully the large straws aided in faster consumption. But everyone agreed Phrosties are easier on the gut than Four Loko." - BedfordandBowery

Sounds like a party to me!

Sadly, it has been shut down. People were afraid kids were gonna start getting into it. But yes, as a kid, I would have loved the colourful slushie mixture.


That means I'll never be able to taste the miracle of red bull/kool-aid/ice and tons of alcohol!!

So fret not. There are answers everywhere. Here's a collation of receipes from several places:


Serving: approximately three small bottles

2 1/2 cups sherbet ice cream
4.5 oz gold rum
4.5 oz silver rum
1 package frozen pineapple juice
1 package frozen orange juice
8 fl oz Rose's grenadine syrup

Mix all the ingredients together and pour into plastic or glass bottles. Freeze for several hours for slushie perfection.




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